Deconstructing houses and constructing websites.

So we’ve hit two major milestones in the project in the last week.


The first came about a week ago; we finally completed deconstructing the old house and all that is left is a foundation. It’s been a lot of work — pulling thousands of nails, stacking old bricks and moving wood to attempt to salvage as much of the old house as possible. We’re looking forward to breaking ground on the new construction, which means getting our building permit. We’re close to having this, but we have to get our re-engineered plans into the city. We had the plans redone when we decided to change our wall system to steel studs because of the cost of a concrete wall system. We have had a generous donation by Reserve Steel who is helping to offset the cost of the steel studs. Precision Structural Engineering has also been kind enough to donate much of their time to re-engineer the plans; Brian has been great to work with, not only thinking about the engineering but also the aesthetics and performance of the systems he’s helping us design.

We have lots of pictures of the deconstruction on flickr. Check them out here

The second milestone has been a new website. We set up in the hopes that it would provide a more focused vision of the project. It will be a place where we post updates on the project, pictures, plans and ideas. We’d like it to become a resource for people embarking on building adventures themselves; hopefully learning from some of our mistakes and improving on our ideas. We plan on updating the house plans and systems as we go along, as well as creating as much documentation about the design, building and maintenance of the building.

We’re also hoping that the comments section of the blog will be a place where people can interact with the project and each other, discussing ideas and coming up with new solutions. We’re going to try to blog about some of the problems and frustrations we run into in the hopes that it will lead to some dialog and maybe even solutions.

Thanks for reading and becoming involved in our little odyssey.

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