an overview of equitable and efficient spaces

I thought it might be interesting to you all to see some of the process that went into creating The Commons. With that in mind I am publishing here the paper I wrote while finishing school and working on The Commons project with Dustin.

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The document is half a survey of sustainability and its applications to architecture, and half a case study of the house we are building today. You may notice that there have been several design changes since this paper was written, evidencing the learning process. I’d like to make some caveats about typos, grammar errors, etc. but hopefully you all will send me emails and maybe this document can improve.

So without further ado: Sustainable Architecture: an overview of equitable and efficient spaces

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  1. kevin jones says:

    here is a wordl picture of the essay
    you can make it a jpeg and put it on your site to give a picture of your ideas.

  2. garrett says:

    Thanks Kevin, this definitely adds some flare to the post.

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