the forms have been stripped

so finally all the forms have been stripped from the shop walls and we’re starting to layout the electrical and plumbing that will traverse underneath the concrete slab within the shop. we still need to break off all of the snap ties:

which will require us finding a bar that is just bigger than the head of the snap tie to fit over it and bend them back and forth and then rotate them till they break off – it takes about 10-15 seconds per snap tie and there are around 1600 of them… so hopefully only around 4.5-5 hours of work.

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  1. Maybelle says:

    this is a great project! when i first stumbled upon The Commons i was simply amazed over how you guys have planned and execute this entire project. my sister is studying architecture and i’m an engineering student. you guy just gave me juuuust the push i needed to make me decide on the major i’ll be taking. keep it up!

  2. garrett says:

    Thanks Maybelle! Good luck to you and your sister with your studies.

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