with our best foot(ing) forward

The house has begun!

The hole for the footing has been dug and nick and crew are beginning to construct the forms for the footing.

I ordered the heat mirror windows, made by Alpen. A big thanks to Dave Maier and Robert Clarke for making it happen, helping us with the order, the generous contribution and believing in our project.

The windows don’t come cheap – high performance things rarely do – the bill was nearly $40k including a special discount and we’ve still got a few more windows to order. It’s by far the biggest single expenditure of the project (I think only solar panels, before rebates/tax credits, will surpass it), but windows are such an integral part of the house’s envelope and overall design – especially in a passive solar heated design.

I started this post last week, prior to the snow, which has foiled any forward progress on the house footings and dashed our hopes of pouring concrete this week. Pouring concrete in freezing conditions poses structural risks to the concrete, although it is possible, but it requires chemical additives, which add to the cost. Waiting for the weather to pass seems the most prudent (and cheapest) option.

So as the cold weather and snow continue our only option is to work on finishing the interior of the shop and of course the unending job of project management (read: boring administrative type work).

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