a long time coming

so the blog has been quiet for a good while… it’s time for some updates:

we were visited by steve thomas from the discovery channel’s renovation nation the show should air soon – we’ll post an update when we find out the date.

we put up some of the exterior stud walls for the camera:

we’ll probably need to take them down in order to get the interior walls in. during the show we also took delivery of our composting toilet.

we also finished the steps into the shop:

and put a recycled pallet wall in the shop (picture forthcoming).

vassar and tomás have begun transforming the muddy ground that was the top of the shop into a burgeoning garden – the sad part being that vassar will be leaving portland before he even gets to see the fruits (& vegetables) of his labor.

we’ve hooked up the city water into the mechanical room – we’re using it during construction and will need it to fill the cistern keeping it as a backup in case of emergency.

we finally backfilled the hole around the mechanical room and gave our awesome and understanding neighbors back their driveway (well sort of – it’s only crushed rock – it’s not yet in its finished state – thanks namita & scott!).

nearly all the concrete work has been done – just need to pour a small curb, retaining wall and footings and a few pan decks. it’s been a lot of concrete (which has an environmental cost for sure, but it’ll contribute to the house’s overall durability – a large component of sustainability.

i’ve submitted, what i hope is the final round of engineering to the city, we’re waiting to hear back from them and then we’ll be start putting up some walls… that will be some dramatic change.

don’t mark my words, but i’m going to try and be a bit more regular about updating the blog. check back often. 😉

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