A much needed update.

On Tuesday the city electrical inspector visited for the third time. The wiring in the shop is finally up to par with city standards after many alterations required by the inspector. The difficulty meeting the standards were exacerbated by the fact that the city kept sending different inspectors to the shop, with each individual finding different problems.

On Monday, Bob and Dustin continued putting up plywood for the art-studio space in the shop; they’ve had to fashion lots of custom pieces including one around the breaker panel. The plywood (and recycled pallet wood) are covering blue-jean insulation, which will hopefully aid in dulling any noise emerging from the shop.

There are going to be two separate power meters for the house and shop, one will calculate the energy consumption of the house, and another will calculate that used by the shop. This is so that we can separate the shop’s energy use from the house; the shop is not part of the living building challenge, but we’re trying our best to keep it “green.” Using two meters will allow us to make sure the house is net-zero. In this instance, “net-zero-energy” implies that a building must produce as much energy as consumed over the course of one year.

This spring and summer have brought the first bounty of our roof top garden! Friends have planted varieties ranging from the original ground-cover crop of nitrogen-fixing Austrian Winter Peas to zucchinis to strawberries to the sinus-clearing Mustard Greens. Everything is flourishing and ready to eat. In fact, the zucchinis are turning out to be quite large, which means that there will be no shortage of zucchini bread in this household. The success of this season sings to our future gardening experiences atop the roof with its two feet of increasing nutrient rich soil.

Today, Creative Gate Works is expected to arrive and begin discussing the building of railings above the shop. Dustin and Garrett have agreed to provide the materials needed for this job, while the company is sponsoring the project with their labor. Garrett and Dustin are very pleased with this opportunity.

Right now the project is waiting on Reserve Steel to get some software issues (a dongle from Hawaii) resolved in order to enter in the dimensions for the steel stud walls, which will be fabricated to length by a computer-controlled machine. Once the walls are in place, the house will seem ever more complete, with the added bonus of ample shade for Dustin and co.’s summer toils.

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