Sunday! Sunday! Sundaaaayyy! Actually, Friday.

Update: Also it appears as if the show is on at 9:00 PM ET which would make it 6:00 PM PT

Update: It looks like we’re not going to be on the Discovery Channel, but Planet Green, a Discovery subsidiary (the channel finder below works).

As mentioned previously, we’re going to be on TV! And Soon! The show will be airing this Friday July 24th at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT on the Discovery Channel Planet Green (find out what channel it’s on). Here’s what they say about it:

Portland, OR: Salvage Brothers

Steve helps the Moon brothers build what they hope to be one of the greenest homes in the country. Steve will help install steel walls, reclaimed wood from shipping pallets and even check out a composting toilet.

We’re really excited to get some publicity so that more people can learn about the project (one of our biggest goals). Anyway, tune in to the show and tell us what you think, we may not get to see it for a while (we don’t have a TV so we’re going to try to find some friends that do).

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3 Responses to “Sunday! Sunday! Sundaaaayyy! Actually, Friday.”

  1. George Hess says:

    Very cool! Just don’t let the fame and fortune go to your head… we all saw what happened to Bob Vila.

  2. Sue McKay says:

    Congratulations! Fame at last! We will certainly be watching, but do not have the ability to tape it for you. Hope you find somewhere to watch (and hopefully record) and good luck to Dustin for Friday’s procedure. He’ll be in our thoughts.

  3. bj says:

    wowzers moon boys. dustin, i always thought you could do amazing things with your unending enthusiastic searching for what is right for you and your refusal to settle for that which is not it. your continued search and your current discoveries and adventures are quite inspiring and say such wonderful things about the human spirit. congrats you two. oh, and you’re welcome for getting you to portland and finding you a house!! (:

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