steel studs are here!

so finally, after *six weeks* of waiting (we’ve encountered some difficulty with our ex-sponsor Reserve Steel), we’ve taken delivery of studs from Steeler and will start laying out and hopefully putting up walls on Monday!
steel studs on the truck


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  1. aaron cook says:

    what happened to reserve steel? i am considering steel studs for a project of my own and i would love to hear about your experience with reserve steel and with using them instead of wood. Aaron

  2. garrett says:

    Reserve Steel never followed through. They took our money and ran. I can say working with them has been the worst thing to happen to us on this project. Will Speakman, the guy we dealt with and that was on the discovery channel, turns out to be a real slime ball; avoiding us and ignoring us. Put the project back a ton of money and over a months worth of time.

    In regards to the steel studs, we’ve greatly reduced them in our project. We were going to use them in a double stud wall, but we’re only using them in the interior (structural) wall now. They’re great to work because of their strength and they’re always true. They’re also beneficial because of their durability and high recyclability.

    The downfalls are they become a huge thermal bridge in your building so if you don’t insulate to one side (we’re putting insulation on the exterior of the studs), you’ll essentially have big holes in your insulation. The other issue is the high embodied energy (hopefully mitigated by durability).

    Hope this helps.

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