Another update, this one from our Mom (“yay”!)

Good news. Creative Gateworks’ Cade and Abe came out to measure, cut and start the fabrication process for a steel railing on the shop roof surround, donating their work time. They were great to work with and adjusted to the hectic schedule of Dustin and his Dad. The brothers also have a great relationship with the window supplier who is working with meeting the passive house requirements for window R-Values.


Rachel, the intern, completed her academic quarter with an excellent job on the interior and exterior rendering of the house and a constructed wetlands type design for the house’s grey water (getting it through the city will of course be the difficult part). Dustin also researched steel framing contractors, sheet metal fabricator contractors, sustainable and durable plants and concrete blocks for the neighbor’s driveway. He worked on plans for the house steel frames adding current figures and dimensions.

Dustin also found a very reasonable steel sheet metal fabricator (Rusch & Sons in N. Portland) to bend the steel after his Dad resurrected the galvanized metal from the original house board pile. He and his Dad were able to put in walls on the shop shower. No easy task. Dustin in fact turned a chalky white grinding the aggregate flooring before the install.


They also got the shop window frame in. During the evening hours, Dustin talked with the neighbor and is trying to figure out a permeable driveway solution that combines a hardy plant that will withstand driveway activity and have low maintenance. Garrett has been working full time in his job and also working on automated hardware and software systems for the house. He is learning more about automated systems and the complexity of the the task. [Mom’s plug: In any spare moment the brothers are trying to secure sponsors that believe in the project goals and will help defray costs. They need sponsorship for driveway materials, steel studs, roofing and siding.]

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