Rainy with a chance of a bright future

October 29th, 2009

Since our last update we’ve made some significant progress on the house. After being set back over a month by Reserve Steel (they took our money and ran), we’re finally getting somewhere. In our down time we did some redesigning of the wall system; we’re going from a double stud wall to a single with insulation hung on the exterior. This should decrease costs and actually improve performance, a double win. So I guess with lemons we make lemonade.

Anyway, we’ve got a second floor and even a roof (ok, it’s only plywood so far). All very exciting. It’s amazing how much the look and feel of our project has changed. It certainly feels much more tangible now.

This picture is about a week old, we’ll get some new ones up soon.

We’ve also been attempting to deal with some privacy issues. A few of our neighbors have voiced concern over our second story looking into their backyards. We have no desire to look into their backyards, so we thought this a wonderful opportunity to use a light shelf. The idea is that windows can be frosted, or somehow obscured without cutting lighting below the eye level. At eye level, a shelf can be hung on the exterior of the building making it so you can’t peer over the shelf. We then paint the shelf white and more light reflects into the building. Yay, for double wins.

Remember to check our photostream, it’s updated far more often than this blog. We’ll try to keep posting as changes happn.

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