that’s a wrap…

December 14th, 2009

the roof is on. this entailed sheeting it, putting down a last layer of waterproofing defense (peel and stick membrane), FSC cedar furring strips, then 2″ of polyisocyanurate insulation between the furring strips and lastly the metal roof – check out our feed for more pics. we’ll later be putting a 10’X10′ self-contained, intensive (8-10″ of soil) green roof in the middle of the roof.

our latest task was wrapping the house up in a bunch of plastic sheeting (great for the environment – we know. 🙁 ) in order to keep it dry enough to put the adhesive on for the waterproofing membrane. but we can’t put the membrane on until we’ve passed inspection for the shear walls, so we have to keep the dry in the interim.

the next steps:

1. pass shear wall inspection
2. waterproof outer walls (SAM – Self Adhered Membrane – yet it needs a primer/base adhesive)
3. polyiso insulation (7″) over the waterproofing
4. put in windows
5. rainscreen/siding
6. somewhere in here we should build a stairway

pictures forthcoming…

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