space saving stairs in the mechanical room

mechanical room stairs

after a week and a half of fabrication and installation the mechanical room stairs are complete. dad and i welded them up (check out the flickr set here) and then installed them. it was another lesson in constructing ‘all things not quite 90 degrees’—we have the concrete guys to thank for this one—they promised us the use 1″ thick forms and i wish i’d noticed that they weren’t fulfilling their promise – the walls are anything but plumb and square thanks in part to the forms bulging and of course they didn’t quite get them 90 in the setup either. regardless of stairs’ less than 90 existence i’m quite pleased with the way they turned out. we chose the alternating tread pattern in order to give a full depth tread but requiring half the overall run if we hadn’t alternated the treads.

mechanical room stairs view 2

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  1. Amber Turner says:

    Wow, these stairs are awesome! Functional and architecturally interesting. Well done!

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