We received two bidets in the mail the other day from Thom at USABidet (Thank you!). This is just an un-boxing photo – we’ll post again as we install and test it out.

Below is a silly video I made a year or two ago of my first DIY bidet. It’s not as cool (nor adjustable) as the one from USA Bidet, but I’ve been installing it in all the bathrooms I’ve lived in for the past few years. I first became aware of using water instead of toilet paper when traveling SE Asia, in fact, much of the world uses bidets or water instead of toilet paper. It’s much cleaner (think about it – one analogy that was given to me was eating blackberry pie, getting it on your face and then using a dry napkin to clean up—not too effective), it saves resources (yes it uses water, but so does paper processing and it saves the transport fuel associated too). Many folks don’t believe me at first, but once they try it going back to TP is a real bummer…

ps: the etymology of bidet is interesting, it comes from French, literally meaning ‘pony’, describing the way one squats over a normal bidet in France, etc.

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