Blower Door

We did our preliminary blower door test today and the house did great—.291 ACH50, which is half the .6 ACH50 required by the passivhaus standard (lower is better). There are a few doors that need to be caulked underneath and I hope to get that number even lower. To do any better (Google says a Swedish house got it down to .03 ACH50) we’d need better doors and windows (think European – we’re less than satisfied with the build quality of our Serious Materials windows and this has been echoed by numerous architects and building professionals I’ve spoken to), since these are the only places our building can leak based on our sealing detail (wrapping the entire envelope with Protecto Wrap and no penetrations in the roof or walls—everything goes under the foundation). Below is a video starring Kent, from the Energy Trust of Oregon, and a photo of the setup.


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