Injury Log

I can’t believe I didn’t think to do this earlier, I’ve started a set of photos on our flickr account that will track the various injuries I’ve managed to inflict upon myself. I also posted some pictures I’ve taken in the past, but it’s not nearly a complete set—not sure if I should be proud, as though they’re ‘war wounds’ or if I should feel the fool for not wearing gloves. The idea occurred to me as I was examining my foot (see below) after I dropped 13 Vika Glasholms on it and my leg (each one weights 68lbs, plus I estimate about 2 lbs of cardboard ea., bringing the grand total to be about 910 lbs, needless to say it was uncomfortable).

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  1. skander says:

    shoot man! be careful with yourself. You can’t save the world if you are too broken… plus these stories make me feel like I need to get back up there and help you.

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