Drywall is done…

The drywall is done and tomorrow we’ll start the painting process (well, we won’t actually do the painting, as with the drywall we’ve hired Lo’s Contracting to do it).

For the paint and interior finishes (on the wood and concrete) we’ll be using entirely non-toxic and VOC free products made by Ecos Paints. They specialize in paints and finishes for people who are chemically sensitive or otherwise concerned about the environment. The company is located in South Carolina, but was started in the UK. Apparently the government agency in the UK, that requires truth in advertising, paid them a visit one day to check on their claims of “non-toxic.” And the owner, who’s also the head chemist, said, “Pick any barrel and I’ll eat a spoonful.” They did and so did he… While I wouldn’t recommending eating the paint chips, at least it won’t kill ya.

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