A Bit More Progress

We’ve been a bit quite lately and that’s partially because there’s been a changing of the guard. Dustin has headed off to school to get an Architecture degree and is supporting the project from afar. I (Garrett) have been attempting to take over his duties with the help of my Dad.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve gotten quite a bit done. The kitchen is almost entirely finished we just have a few details to wrap up. We’re starting work on the bathrooms – they’re the last major project we need to finish to get our occupancy permit.

We’ve also been working on some finishing details such as a wall we’re covering in washed blue wood (wood generously donated by Collins and stain by Timber Pro Coatings).

Along with the bathrooms, the next projects we’re working on are finishing up the built in closets for the two ‘master’ bedrooms and the built in desks for the office.

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