Done! …for now.

August 31st, 2013

This summer was a productive one. For all normal intents and purposes, the house is done (for those interested in the greener features – solar power and the grey water, rainwater and monitoring systems – there’s more work to do). The house will actually be for rent while I finish up my graduate degree in Architecture. Here are some pics: 20130828_Ads 092 (Large)

20130828_Ads 093 (Large)

20130828_Ads 101 (Large)

20130828_Ads 102 (Large)

20130828_Ads 107 (Large)

20130828_Ads 109 (Large)

20130828_Ads 112 (Large)

20130828_Ads 113 (Large)

20130828_Ads 129 (Large)

20130828_Ads 131 (Large)

20130828_Ads 133 (Large)

20130828_Ads 137 (Large)

20130828_Ads 139 (Large)

20130828_Ads 143 (Large)

20130828_Ads 146 (Large)

20130828_Ads 150 (Large)

20130828_Ads 156 (Large)

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* LEED has done a wonderful job of transforming the building industry and bringing focus to more environmentally sound building practices.

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