Dustin and Garrett both hail from Washington state, about an hour North of Seattle and have been brothers their whole life. With seven years separating them they fought tooth and nail growing up, but as they've aged (and arguably matured) they've begun to appreciate each other quite a bit, so much so they've decided to start a collective, build a house and live in it together.

Garrett received his degree in Computer Science from Western Washington University and his degree in Sustainable Design in Architecture and Planning from Fairhaven College; he has been programming for a better part of his life and has written a video game that has sold internationally (it's less impressive than it sounds, since it only takes one poor sucker abroad to buy the game to deem it internationally sold). After graduating, Garrett moved to Portland to join Dustin in starting Res Communis, their burgeoning design collective, and begin work on the commons project. Garrett is vegan and likes to cook.
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Dustin received his degree in Biology from Whitman College and promptly got a job in computer programming during the "dot com" boom. After the boom he travelled around South East Asia for a few months and then moved to San Francisco, where he helped start and literally build a community arts space. After four years in the Bay Area he decided to move back closer to "home" and moved to Portland, where he and Garrett bought a house, that has become the commons project. Dustin is vegan and likes to eat.
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* LEED has done a wonderful job of transforming the building industry and bringing focus to more environmentally sound building practices.

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