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Aquagen Pool Pump Vs. Hayward Pool Pump

by Brandon Morrison

Pool pumps technologies have advanced tremendously over the recent years. The advancement can be seen in the pumps that ensure an automatic cleaning process. Furthermore, the technology present ensures that pumps are cost-efficient and energy-saving. You can visit www.aquagem.com to learn more about the recent technological advancement in pool pumps. Additionally, there are several pool pumps in the market with different specifications. Thus, this article aims to distinguish Aquagem pool pump vs. Hayward pool pump.

Aquagen pool pump vs. Hayward pool pump

1. Speed pump used

The speed pump used on a pool pump can determine whether the pump will be energy-saving or not. The Aquagem pool variable speed pump is among its best-selling products in the market. The pump’s popularity is due to its quiet performance and energy-saving abilities. The Hayward pool pump consists of pool pumps with; variable speed, two speed, or single speed. The different pump speed available ensures you have a variety to choose from depending on your requirements. The key point to consider is that the variable speed pump is more expensive and more efficient than the two-speed and single-speed; while, the single-speed is cheaper and less efficient.

2. Noise levels

Noisy pool pumps can be very distracting. Previous swimming pool pumps used to run up to 90 decibels. In addition, the latest inventions ensure that the pumps are more silent. The Aquagem and Hayward pool pumps are built with the technology to ensure that the pumps are quieter. The only difference is that the Hayward pool pump has a speed pressure of 40 decibels while Aquagem has a speed pressure of 36 decibels; thus, proving that the Aquagem is among the quietest pool pump in the market.

3. Smart running

Automatic smart running of a pool pump ensures that it controls the pump to regulate the running capacity and discover any system pressure, thus providing the flow rate is fixed at all times. The Aquagem pool pump uses inverter control, while the Hayward pool pump uses OmniHub systems to ensure the automatic smart running of the pump. Therefore both pool pumps use different techniques to provide automatic control. But, despite the various systems, they all serve the same purpose of ensuring the pump’s smart running.

4. Frequency inverter

The frequency inverter work is to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the frequency inverter can transform the single-speed pool pump to an energy-saving variable speed pool pump. Additionally, the frequency inverter makes a pool pump to be more expensive than a single-speed pool pump. Aquagen pool pump uses the iSaver+ frequency inverter. The iSaver+ features include; touch screen, timer setter, external off and on control option, and plugin and play. Aquagem’s iSavers+ guarantees to save up to 80% of the energy consumed. While Hayward pool pump also uses NCPVFD to ensure the energy-saving goal is attained


The Aquagem pool pump and the Hayward pool pump both share the same function of ensuring high-quality water. Furthermore, they have both incorporated the latest technologies to ensure energy efficiency and cost efficiency are attained. But they also differ in some other ways, such as the speed pressure in the pump.

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