Contemporary Italian Bending Bed – Simple but Romantic Bed Design

Here are a contemporary italian bending bed, a simple but romantic bed design. You want to bend around you in relaxation and comfort, functionality and maintaining a modern appeal. The bed displays clean lines, but the bottom corners and bending the head can be bent or curved to fit your functional needs and giving the bed a unique look. There are reading lights built in the corners of the bed to accommodate a relaxing reading before bed or a chat spontaneous midnight in blankets and comfort of the cocoon that Abbracio can become. The beds also have a single standard, contemporary prints, which brings a nice visual element of interest, and are available in various neutral colors – like white, black, gray, brown and beige. Let’s see this bed design photos below.



Brandon Morrison who graduated from the University of Houston and worked for a design company. He has an in-depth understanding of the interior design and shares what he know.

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