Contemporary Rocking Bed with Modern and Unique Design by Shiner

Here are a contemporary rocking bed with modern and unique design by Shiner. A rounded carbon decorate beautifully to this bed. Make a unique looks and different bedding style. The carbon steel frame can be black, or brushed and wood base is available in pine, oak, walnut or cheetah. Its simple, modern design is enriched by an industrial quality from carbon steel frame and a rustic feel thanks to the wooden base. In fact, this sentiment is true for many of the products in Shiner – mainly because they are masters upcycling. Its main purpose is to “transform tons of landfill materials for the design of the murderer,” we believe that they do exceptionally well. Some of the other favorite products include the President, Friend, dining table and chandelier Stacked Plywood Revolver – to name a few.


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