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Factors to Consider When Choosing Dumbbells

by Brandon Morrison

Dumbbells (haltere) are examples of free weights that help build strength and muscle in both the upper and lower bodies. They are easily portable and have become a staple in most homes to maintain fitness goals. Dumbbells are pretty diverse. They are available in different weights, sizes, colors, and materials such as steel, iron, concrete, and metal. Several factors help determine the kind to use for a workout. In this post, we discuss the types of dumbbells and elements to consider when choosing them.

Types of Dumbbells

1. Adjustable

They are the most common. One set of adjustable dumbbells can get you through different weights in a single session. By removing a dial on either end of the bar, you can increase or decrease the weight to your preferred choice. They save time, and storing them is easy.

2. Fixed

This type has a standard weight ranging between 2-20kg. They are not ideal for home workouts unless you’re willing to buy multiple of them with different weights. They are circular or hexagon in shape. Circular weights roll away easily towards the center, whereas hexagons stay in one position.

3. Studio Dumbbells

They are similar to fixed dumbbells but have a very low weight. Beginners can comfortably use them without any strain as a form of resistance during a workout. You can buy them in sets, i.e., one, two, or three sets. They come with a tree rack for storage purposes and vinyl covering for enhancing the grip and easy cleaning after use.

4. Selectorized

The dumbbells are adjusted automatically. Changing the weights is much faster and easier than doing it manually. The handle is lifted by turning a dial, and the weights are adjusted. They have more resistance than other types, thanks to the advanced design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dumbbells

1. Shape

Look for shapes that evenly distribute weight for easier balancing. The form of the weights should allow them to remain stationary when placed on the floor. The circular is the most common, but it’s prone to roll. Hexagon weights are the best. They are stable and don’t move from their position.

2. Weight of Dumbbell

If you are buying for a communal gym, choose dumbbells with various weight ranges and adjustable ones, too. This ensures everyone is catered for depending on their preference. For a home gym, it’s advisable to consider adjustable weights that can go up to 75 pounds. This is due to the small space available, which may be challenging to store fixed weights.

3. Material

The choice of material determines the durability, ease of use, and cleaning of the weights. Cast-iron weights are standard and more durable. They have a protective layer of paint, chrome, or paint to prevent them from rust. For studio sessions like aerobics, they are wrapped in neoprene to maintain the grip while sweating and protect the floor from damage if dropped.

4. Workout Goals

Fixed dumbbells are suitable for muscle toning since their weight ranges from low to medium. Heavyweights are good for bulking or building muscle mass. Your end goal guides you to know the kind of dumbbell to use.


Dumbbells are suitable for your workouts. The points listed above give you an understanding of the types present in the market and consider factors before you make a purchase. Identifying your ultimate goal is vital and kickstarts the entire process.

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