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Here’s how to use a pressure washer like a pro

by Brandon Morrison

If you clean exterior surfaces a lot, then the 2-in-1 wall-mounted pressure washer should be one of your favorite tools. A pressure washer is an ideal machine for cleaning exterior surfaces. They are very quick, efficient and they save time. However, to maximize their full potential one must know how to use one.

There are two types of pressure washers – the gas and the electric pressure washer. However, the 2 in 1 pressure washer has the capability of a pressure washer and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It gives access to more cleaning options.

The vacuum cleaner which also acts as a blower can be used to clean your car, sides of your house, and even the driveway. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner which forms the upper part of the machine can easily be detached from the pressure washer when not in use.

Pressure washers produce high pressure therefore, you must understand how to properly operate one before using it. In this article, we will be reviewing how to operate a 2 in 1 pressure washer.

How to properly use a 2 in one pressure washer

The pressure washer uses high pressure and if not properly managed can damage your surfaces. It can bore holes on brick surfaces, break windows and strip paint from the body of your car. Before using a pressure washer, make sure to perform the following;

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Every new device or equipment always comes with a manual. Always make sure to read the instructions on the manual as it will guide you through step by step. It also contains information about spare parts, warranties, troubleshooting, and customer service. All this information will come in handy along the way.

  1. 2. Prep your environment

Before using the 2 in 1 pressure washer, properly check your environment to make sure there is no obstruction on the way. Remove any tripping objects such as toys, furniture, pets, kids, potted plants, etc. Close windows, vents, and exterior lights.

  1. Wear protective gear

When using heavy equipment around the house you can never be too careful. Think safety first. Always wear your protective goggles, gloves, boots, long pants, and ear protection. Do not wear shorts, slippers, or flip-flops.

  1. Check your nozzle

Check your nozzle to make sure you are using the right-sized nozzle. Do not use the highest pressure nozzle (the red one) that shoots a narrow stream of water. In terms of property damage and physical injury, it is the most dangerous. If you must use make sure you take precautions.

  1. Do not take your hands off the pressure washer

One safety rule you should never forget is to never take your hands off any equipment while still in the use. When using the 2 in 1 pressure washer, make sure your hands are always on the machine. Do not take your hand off it and do not allow children to make use of it.


Safety should always be your watchword. If you do not understand how to use the 2 in 1 pressure washer, have someone teach you.

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