This week we moved forward on several projects. Dad built the frames for the toilets (they’re custom because they’re essentially pit toilets) – we still need to sheet them, and plumb in the bidet, but we’re getting close to having a working bathroom! We also worked on building more of the sliding doors. We’re getting better at constructing them quicker, however there always seems to be a unique challenge on everything we do. The side tables, drawers and bed in one of the rooms are finished, we took a picture to show them off.

And we have one more project in the works: the engawa that surrounds the courtyard. Dad got it all laid out and tacked up and I spent this weekend welding it up. It’s great to see these projects coming together.

I also had the opportunity to go speak at Oregon State University this week. Todd Jarvis, the instructor of Sustainability for the Common Good was gracious enough to invite me down. I spoke about the project and fielded a bunch of questions – I think the students found the project interesting. Todd also runs a blog on grey water, Rainbow Water Coalition, it’s well worth following and has some great specifics about Oregon’s new grey water laws.


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